5 Tips to Optimize March Break with Help from an Expert Tutor

March break can be an excellent opportunity for students to catch up on coursework and set themselves up for success for the remainder of the school term. With the help of private 1-on-1 tutoring, students can use this time to review material, work on assignments, and prepare for upcoming tests and exams. At The Tutoring […]

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How Parents Working Remotely Can Use Supplemental Tutoring Services

Now, as some countries have decided to reopen schools for distance or hybrid education, it is mandatory to ensure that schools not only teach students properly, but also make up for the loss students have faced due to the closures of schools during the Covid-19 shutdown. One way to help students, especially children who have […]

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4 Current Affairs Podcasts for Curious Children

Daily, biweekly and weekly shows deliver kids the news at their level, and help contextualize the world around them. By Phoebe Lett What do children make of the day’s headlines? The endless deluge of news is staggering and tough to get a handle on, even for grown-ups. And with disinformation packaged as journalism rampant on social […]

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WATCH — How this autistic teen stays focused while learning online

High school student staying home to protect family from coronavirus Clara Kirby-McIntosh relies on her routines to help her meet her goals. Now, because of COVID-19, the 18-year-old is doing her final year of high school online at home in Mississauga, Ontario. Because she’s autistic, she’s had to find new ways to keep up her […]

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