Technology and Creative Learning

Technology is everywhere and with it we are given vast opportunities to learn and grow. Here are some creative ways to use technology in an environment that encourages imagination and develops important skills. Start a Blog Blogs are everywhere on the internet right now. From cooking to crafts, travel or fashion, blogs have given a […]

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Five Ways to Show Gratitude this Giving Tuesday

Write a Letter Take the time this Tuesday to sit down with a pen and paper and write a thank you note (or ten!) to someone you appreciate. This is a great activity for kids that not only allows them to practice writing and spelling, but also encourages thoughtfulness and empathy for others. Have fun […]

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Spring and summer are the best months of the year for many children. The warm weather they bring means kids are able to spend more time outside enjoying the sunshine, whether they’re at the pool, on a family vacation, or just riding their bike around their neighborhood. However, this time of year brings its fair […]

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7 Ways to Learn with Pumpkins this Fall

Halloween is days away and what better way to spend it than with some fun and educational pumpkin activities. Whether you’re still in need to pick the perfect pumpkin, or if it’s already starting to decompose on your porch (oops!) there is so much to learn from these bumpy, round, and bright vegetables. Here are […]

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