How To Get Your Children To Enjoy Reading

How To Get Your Children To Enjoy Reading

In today’s world where computers and television are valued as high entertainment sources it is important to manually integrate reading into your children’s lives, because it is a tool that will develop their language, their creativity and many more skill sets. For this reason Kimber Brown, the program director for Teach for America devises techniques in order to assist you in motivating your children to read more. Kimber establishes that for someone to feel motivated to take up a challenge they must first believe that they are able to do it, and secondly they must have the desire to want to do it.

Furthermore, Kimber claims that the rewards to motivate children may vary, and it is therefore important to discover what these rewards should be. It is suggested that parents take up a book with their children so you can chart how far you are getting into the book together. As the child delves further into the book it is important to provide incentives for them to continue, such as stickers on a chart to mark the progression in the book or a more tangible prize such as a family trip.

Thom Barthelmess, president of the Association of Library Service to Children advises that television is not an appropriate reward for reading, because it heightens the value of television over literature. Overall it is important that your child is able to appreciate the experience of reading, as many children associate reading with school, which makes reading dull and gloomy as opposed to exciting and filled with adventure. A way to make reading less associated with work is to read aloud. When a book is orally dictated the experience is immediately shifted because of the ability to exaggerate certain words, further creating the atmosphere of the story. Once they begin to appreciate you reading to them, try to get them to read to you in the same manner so they can find a way to enjoy reading on their own.

If you find that your child is still struggling with reading it may be beneficial to take them to the best in home tutors or a Richmond Hill tutor that can adequately assist your child’s needs. The Tutoring Expert can help provide a qualified teacher to help your child in the Oakville or Richmond Hill area. It is also important to become well acquainted with your nearest library. The librarians are well versed in what is popular with children and they can provide you with a list of books that you and your child can read together.

By Shelly Koren