Our Fees

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin


Since 2001, we have earned ourselves a reputation of being the most highly referred tutoring services in Toronto.

Move the needle on academic achievement and help improve student motivation, commitment and engagement in learning.

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Basic Price

Starts from:$45for an hour
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Rates for group sessions, business and overseas assignments are not reflected above. For info regarding the same please contact us at info@tutoringexpert.ca


Did you know that tutoring services are eligible for tax deduction? Additionally, many insurance plans partly cover the cost of tutoring. Please contact your insurance company for more information about reimbursement.

Custom tutors for custom goals

We work with a diverse range of talented tutors and their background is just as unique as they are. Our prices, therefore, range depending on the respective experience, specialization and/or certification of the tutor.

Our tailored process also ensures we work with a price range you are comfortable with. Please call our office to discuss your individual needs and tutor preference

It’s obvious when tutoring is working, our parents often comment on how their child’s demeanor changes as they become more confident and engaged in the subject. On a more objective level, many parents get positive feedback from their child’s teacher about improved performance in class and on tests. As long as realistic and sustainable goals have been established, small, incremental improvements can accumulate over time to create significant jumps in skill level and academic performance.

Following are the typical improvements consistently reported by our families:

girl studying in Toronto
  • Improvement in grades, from C’s and D’s → A’s and B’s
  • Being confident and trying questions they wouldn’t ordinarily try
  • Building grit and knowing struggling is part of success
  • More attentive and engaged in class, raising hand more often
  • More efficient with test taking strategies
  • Improved attention to detail
  • Being able to apply to program of their choice for post secondary
  • Better attitude towards school
  • Asking more application questions
  • Showing work in Math
  • Reading the math problem (working carefully)
  • Re-checking work to find mistakes
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